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Resurrection Of A Vintage Bag!

Hey there!

Today is a very special day! Today is my birthday and i have decided to start blogging about how i became hooked on hooking........if you know what i mean...( wink, wink ),

I am going to document the resurrection and redesigning of a 1940's vintage bag that I have brought back to life.

Let me start from the beginning, it was about six years ago approximately , i was about seven or eight months pregnant with my third child and became extremely bored, one morning i was searching YouTube for something to watch and stumbled across a crochet tutorial, i watched it and was very intrigued that somebody was creating something with just a hook and yarn?

I was Hooked

I watched beginner tutorials for a few days and my hubby noticed my interest of the craft, as wonderful as he is he ordered me a set of hooks and some yarn from eBay. it was so exciting, i was set to go! I started following beginner crochet tutorials and started to get the hang of crocheting.

one afternoon I was searching for free crochet patterns online and i stumbled across this beautiful vintage 1940's crochet bag pattern and new i had to attempt to make it........

Original Picture of bag pattern.

my knowledge of crochet pattern reading was extremely limited and i had to learn as i was crafting,

I followed the pattern exactly how is was instructed and the original pattern and was quite pleased with the outcome.

My hubby was very impressed with what i had created and persuaded me to list the bag on eBay to sell i laughed at first but eventually listened to my surprise it sold and i couldnt believe it so i started to crochet the bag pattern over and over again in different colours,

A few months later i found myself with a pile of crochet bags sitting in a box gathering dust so i wrote a listing for each and every one of them to sell on eBay.

Mind you I was only able to crochet in my spare time as i am a full time mum so It wasn't a regular income it was very much so a hobby.

A few years passed and a lady must have found one of my bags on eBay ,she contacted me asked if I could make her one of my clamshell bags but to add something in between the lining to make the bag firmer.

I was happy for the challenge and accepted my first custom order.

I made her the bag to her specifications and shipped it to her.

It wasn't long after that I started receiving enquiries for my services through word of mouth.

Follow link to make a custom Made4You crochet ( clamshell ) bag order.

As time has gone by and with every custom order i have received the vintage 1940's crochet bag pattern i discovered so many year ago has evolved into the elegant clamshell bag you see today,

I have now written my own pattern for the clamshell bag for crochet lovers around the world to be able to make their own vintage inspired crochet clamshell can find the pattern here.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog? let me know in the comments.

Until next time........1Luv! 😉

Crochet Clamshell Bag.