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Evolution of a Butterfly Bag!

One Morning I was sat at my laptop searching through crochet patterns until...... some time later I came across another vintage crochet pattern that caught my eye.

I decided to print it out and start to crochet This sweet looking clutch bag !

very quickly i discovered how intricate this pattern was but i couldn't give up! I really wanted to see what the final product looked like.

It took a few weeks for me to finish this pattern as I am also a full time mum with 3 children at the time so you can imagine how crazy my house would have been, but when i eventually did finish the bag i was pleased with the outcome, it was so cute it looks like a butterfly i thought.

The pattern was for a clutch bag so when completed i was left with a cute little clutch bag that reminded me of a butterfly.

I decided straight away to re-design the pattern and turn it into something i would like to use.

I started off by adding some thick felt in between the lining material for the insert with a magnetic clasp for secure closure, I also decided to add a few gold bead embellishments down the middle of the butterfly bag to give it that extra Class.

Once i was done with the redesign I sat back to have a look what I had created, I was pleased with the outcome of what i have named the; Crochet-By-Q Butterfly Bag!

A few days had passed having the Butterfly bag on display, It was suggested by my hubby that the bag would look nice with handles!

So I ordered in the same bag handles I use with my Clamshell bag and attached them to the butterfly bag.......Hey presto my design was complete!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my discovery and design journey!

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Until Next Time........1Luv!