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The Goose Quill Hat!

Hey everybody, how you doing?

Customer review of the goose quill hat paired with the Butterfly Clutch Bag

Today I want to tell you about this gorgeous what i believe to be a 1930's or 1940's crochet hat pattern i found.

Original Picture of hat

It was a few years back i had finished all my stay at home mum duties and was sitting at my laptop searching for free pattern online again, as you do....wink wink!

and came across this crochet bag and hat pattern but it was the hat that drew me in so i decided to to crochet the hat first.

My first attempt wasn't too bad so i decided it was good enough for me to re-write the pattern for it and have it on offer for my clients. I do have some ideas of how i would like to modify this hat and add a little something extra to it to give it that Crochet-By-Q shine to it so make sure you follow my website and also my social media to get notified of my progress.

This hat would look fabulous accompanied by a matching Crochet Bag to make you stand out of the crowd like a 1940's movie star.

What do you think, Stay the same or modify?

Until next time.........1Luv!