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Crochet-By-Q Beret!

Hey everybody! 

Today I am documenting a pattern I have designed, I have crocheted a few hat patterns over the years and one morning I had an idea for a beret.

So I sat down and started to crochet, if you are a fellow hooker you will know that its not easy crafting your own design as there is a lot of mistakes made which means having to undo and redo a lot that can get tedious to say the least.

But I have finally finished and would like to share it with the world.

Free pattern as follows:

5mm hook.

Ch4  Row1- 11sc in 4th ch from hook (Total 12 1sc) ch3.

Row2- 2dc, ch2 in each st around ch3.

Row3- 2dc ch2 2dc over ch2 of previous row.  Ch3 Row4- 3dc ch2 3dc over ch2 of previous row. Ch3. Row5- repeat row 4. Ch3.

Row6- 4dc ch2 4dc over ch2 of previous row, 1dc between shell stitch of previous row. Ch3. Row7- repeat row 6 placing the 1sc around post of previous row. Ch3. Row8- repeat row 7 making 5dc shell stitch instead of 4. Ch3. Row9- repeat row 8. Sl st. 

Row10- ch 8 sc to ch2 of shell stitch of previous row, *ch8 sc to ch2 of next shell st. Repeat from * sl st. Ch2 Row11 - 1dc in each st around. Ch2

Row12- repeat row 11. Ch1

Row 13 - 1sc in first 8 st's,  sc together 2 st's  ( first decrease)  over top of shell st, repeat around.

Row14- repeat row 13, sl st time off.

Front Image of Crochet Beret

Back Image of Crochet Beret


Hope you enjoy making this beret as much as i did!

Comment below. Thank you!