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Labour of Love 💞😥

This is the story of how what i do is hard work but so much fun. 😆

I love to crochet new patterns, well when i say new i mean old.....😜 most of the patterns i crochet are vintage patterns. 🤓

Just recently i received an order from a lovely lady in romania for a Crochet-By-Q puzzle bag and boy did it get me in a puzzle...😜...i know i know...........

( Stick to your day job ) 😅

Anyway back to my blog, It took me about a week to crochet all 80 motifs for the bag

and approx 4 days to sew all 80 pieces together. 😥

Finished sewing all 80 pieces together, now time to assemble bag for completion.

What i need to do is make the insert, i start off by placing the crochet bag on to some thick felt, mark out on the felt the dimentions for the insert and do the same for the fabric that will be used to cover the felt. ( dont have pix for this part but will post once i make this bag again and take some pix of my process.) 😞😂

Once both felt and fabric are cut to size, time to hem the bag and add a zipper to complete. I may make a  Youtube tutorial   for this bag as it takes alot to complete.

Let me know if you would like to see a Video tutorial for this bag in the  comments below. 

Here is what the Puzzle Bag looks like.

What do you think of the final product?