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Vintage Bow Bag re-design! 🤓💞

I Was sent this vintage picture by a lovely lady from italy a few weeks back asking me if i could make this bag, 

i replied that i dont have this pattern and have never attempted it but i will see what i can do, i like to make people happy. ☺

So i went searching the web for this pattern, it took a while as i only had a picture as reference but i was lucky to have found one for sale on etsy,  so i bought it and read through it.

I started the pattern,  i was half way through making the strip section of the bag when i noticed something, it didnt look right to me 🤔 there was an issue with the sequence of single and double crochet used so i decided to start all over again bare in mind i had been working on the bag for a few days now. 😢 being a full time mum and all. 😜

So now im back at the begining, i decided that as im reading and making the bag im also going to re-design and re-write the pattern, it was a big challenge for me 😥 but im happy i did it and also happy with the end result 😆 

I will have the pattern available for purchase very soon. 🖒😉

What do you think of the final product? 

Let me know in the comments below.

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