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Limited Edition- Signature Collection!

Spring is here!

March 21st is our Persian new year and falls on the spring equinox, it is this season that has inspired me to create a Spring Clamshell bag to add to my New Limited Edition - Signature collection. 

2018 Spring Collection now has my 1st Design in it, you can follow my IG @originalcrochetbyq to see my creations as and when i post them.

I used an emerald green for the main colour with a forest green to represent leaves, i added some white to accent the white flower motifs representing the blooms of spring and a pair of amber handles the remind me of tree trunks. 

This bag is special to me as it is the first bag of many limited edition bags that has my signature charm letter Q on it which makes it unique to me.

Please let me know what you think and share with your friends and family.

Having fun Designing in my spare time. 😀

Warm regards