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FREE Pattern! Summer Breeze Bag <Crochet-By-Q>

Hey Crochet-By-Q Family, 

Today I have a free bag pattern I designed in my spare time of being a stay at home mum, it's a very simple bag so even people new to crochet can follow and make them selves this cute simple purse. 


5mm hook two yarns throughout (acrylic yarn ) ch 42 row 1- hdc in 2 ch from and in each ch across (40 hdc ) ch2 turn row 2- hdc in back of each st for total 40 hdc. ch2 turn. row 3- repeat row 2 untill work reaches approx 18 long. tie off yarn.weave in ends.

now fold one side 3/4 way onto itself and that will be the bag pocket the other 1/4 will fold over as bag closure a little like an envelope bag.  

Optional} Bag Handle. Row 1- ch10 , 1hdc in 2nd ch from hook and 1 hdc 8n ech ch across ( 8 hdc ), ch 2 turn. Row 2 - ( using back loops only )  hdc in each ch across. ch 2 turn. Row 3 - Repeat row 2 until desired length is reached. tie off,  

sew each end of bag handles to each end of bag opening. 

Now you need to start the bag insert thick felt - place crochet bag ontop of felt and cut out exact size of bag, (excluding opening flap.)

cover felt with fabric of your choice, i like to use satin fabric, sew together.

place bag insert inside bag and blind stitch around mouth of bag to hold insert in place.  

The flower button for magnetic clasp closure is from another crocheter @naztasia you can find her on youtube as well as many other social media sites. But the bag pattern itself is my design.

let me know what you think in the comments below. 

until next time my lovely hookers! 😜